Eat Food * Mostly plants * Not too much

I read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food last week, and it blew me away.  He  investigated all the nutritional research by all the experts and found that nobody actually knows much about it, including the experts.  If you have ever been confused about conflicting nutritional claims (who hasn’t?), or worried about your diet, you need to read this book.  Basically, he says that Americans need to change our relationship to food – to value it more, to spend more time getting back to real ingredients, to appreciate every meal more, to head to gardens and farmers markets and stay away from the highly processed foods lining grocery store shelves.  He came up with three eating rules that all the experts agree on:

Eat Food – that doesn’t mean processed foods that come in styrofoam, or have unpronounceable ingredient lists.  It means food that your great grandmother would recognize.

Mostly Plants – All that talk about complex carbohydrates, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, good fats, bad fats, death to all life fats, boils down to this.  Eat a lot of plants, especially leaves.

Not Too Much – Americans tend to eat more calories than we need, often because of large serving sizes and a culture of fast food snacks.  Eating lots of calories causes obesity and lots of health problems.  So slow down, pay attention, really enjoy your food, and stop when you aren’t hungry.

Enjoy good food, and invite a friend to share it.


One thought on “Eat Food * Mostly plants * Not too much

  1. Agreed. I wish more authors had the courage to boil down their main argument as well as Pollan did. I think there’s too much mystification about details that we overlook some simple truths like these. Keep on cookin’!

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