Quest of the Veggie Burger

I’m not a big fan of veggie burgers.  Usually when I’m served one it is soggy in the middle from being frozen, a murky brown color, and tastes of soy and not much else.  When I try making a batch, they usually fall apart, or are soaked in oil.

But there have been shining moments – where I bit into a patty, crusty on the outside, tender inside, packed with flavor.  I want that in my life.  I want my Veggie Burgers to live up to their potential. To that end,  I have been collecting recipes and we shall see f I can unlock the secret of the Veggie Burger.

Criteria for a Veggie Burger:

  • Savory, not sweet
  • More than one ingredient (Slabs of tofu or portobello mushroom don’t count)
  • Burgerish shaped – either by shaping a patty or a pouring out batter like a pancake
  • Cooked on a hot flat surface, such as a frying pan, grill or baking sheet
  • No meat, but eggs and dairy are okay