Veggie Burger #4: Tofu Nut Patties


Baked tofu nut burgers

I am finding that veggie burgers come in 7 basic categories, based on what holds them together:

  • -Egg and flour batter
  • -Bean
  • -Grain
  • -Tofu (I know, tofu is from beans – but it tastes and acts differently from mashed beans in a recipe)
  • -Nut
  • -Potato
  • -Cheese

Many use a combo, but all emphasize one or the other.  One of the biggies is tofu, so last night I used another Mollie Katzen recipe, this time from Enchanted Broccoli Forest, and converted her tofu nut balls into patties.

This is a simple and easy recipe.  It is basically brown rice and ground almonds blended into a paste, to which you add a generous amount of tofu and wheat germ, with some soy sauce for flavor.  You then shape it into balls (I flattened mine into patties), and bake or deep fat fry them.

I choose to use both cooking methods.  Deep fat frying was great, (isn’t everything better when it’s fried?) but messy and uses a ton of oil.  Baking them was simple and easy, but left them a little dry and boring.  When I made this recipe in the past, I pan fried them in olive oil, and that’s how I’d do it next time.


Fried tofu nut balls

We ate them with french fries, ketchup, and a green salad, to mixed reviews.  I liked the way the nutty almond and brown rice flavors came through, but others said they were too bland, not very interesting to eat as burgers.  Katzen’s recipe recommended having them with spaghetti sauce and pasta, and I have enjoyed them that way.  They definitely need a good sauce or condiment.

Burger Verdict:  The structural integrity was great, the best so far!  These could probably survive an outdoor grill, especially if they were chilled first.  You wouldn’t want to eat these with a bun – all the bread would overwhelm them, and they aren’t terribly moist.  Flavor was not so great – not unpleasant, just underpowered. I liked these little cakes, but as burgers they need to make a stronger statement.  Perhaps I shall fiddle with the recipe – it has a lot of potential.