Veggie Burger#1: Wild Rice Cakes

IMG_1052For Veggie Burger #1, I decided to use a Deborah Madison recipe, because she has never failed me. I made the Wild Rice Crepe-Cakes found in her wonderful book Vegetable Literacy, and they were both easy and delicious.  We topped them with sauteed swiss chard and onions,  with a dab of sour cream.


These are simple patties with wild rice and fresh herbs. The The scallions, chives, and fresh tarragon give an interesting flavor, the the wild rice added texture and earthy notes.  A delicious light meal.


However, as entries in the Veggie Burger Quest they are not what I am looking for. They are pancakes with interesting additions, and are too thin and delicate to fill the role of a burger.  But it got me thinking – what if I kept Madison’s approach of a savory pancake, but increased the veggies and the grain?  That idea led me to Veggie Burger #2:  Savory Corn, Cheese and Rice Cakes.  More on those coming soon.



Quest of the Veggie Burger

I’m not a big fan of veggie burgers.  Usually when I’m served one it is soggy in the middle from being frozen, a murky brown color, and tastes of soy and not much else.  When I try making a batch, they usually fall apart, or are soaked in oil.

But there have been shining moments – where I bit into a patty, crusty on the outside, tender inside, packed with flavor.  I want that in my life.  I want my Veggie Burgers to live up to their potential. To that end,  I have been collecting recipes and we shall see f I can unlock the secret of the Veggie Burger.

Criteria for a Veggie Burger:

  • Savory, not sweet
  • More than one ingredient (Slabs of tofu or portobello mushroom don’t count)
  • Burgerish shaped – either by shaping a patty or a pouring out batter like a pancake
  • Cooked on a hot flat surface, such as a frying pan, grill or baking sheet
  • No meat, but eggs and dairy are okay