Pad Thai

Recipe:  A+   Easy, interesting, and sooo delicious

Cooks: A-  We did a good job, but I wish we had found more of the optional ingredients

Pad Thai is one of my all time favorite foods, so a few weeks ago I got a Thai cookbook out of the library, excited to learn a little about Thai cooking.  I’m not giving the title because it was a big disappointment, not having much information or recipes.  I abandoned it and found a great recipe online here.  It gives interesting background, detailed instructions, and substitutes for hard to find ingredients.    Our version came out quite mild, so if you like your spices hot, increase the chili pepper.

Pad Thai - it looks messy because people started eating before we could take the picture.

David and I had a lot of fun making it, although we had to leave out a lot of the optional ingredients.  I was sad that we didn’t have the banana flower garnish, but David convinced me that sneaking down to Balboa Park and breaking into the Botanical Building to steal one was probably a bad idea.

Everyone who ate it agreed – delicious.  Try this one out, it’s worth it!


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