Chocolate Mousse Class

First you catch a moose.....

No, wait, different spelling. It’s actually:

Chocolate Mousse

Grade:  A, for recipe and cooks

Chocolate mousse has always scared me.  So French, so sophisticated.  But when we actually looked at the recipe in James Peterson’s Cooking, it  seemed quite simple.  Unfortunately,  he seemed to think that ramekins were vital, and we were stymied.  Our kitchen was ramekinless. However, we persevered and learned what they are.  Then one afternoon while wandering the mall waiting for a movie to start, I spotted some for a buck each!  The movie was terrible, but I was happy clutching my six ramekin beauties, despite having to watch Adam Sandler making fart jokes, in drag.

Once I convinced David that we didn’t need to hunt down a moose, we got to work.  This classic French pudding was actually remarkably easy to make – it took us about twenty minutes, then a half hour to chill.  It’s very simple, so use the best ingredients possible.  It’s also incredibly rich, so keep the serving sizes small and don’t give it to people who have already eaten a heavy meal.



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