Awful Falafel (and delicious hummous) – Class 3

  • Falafel    B-  (A- for the cooks, D+ for the cookbook)
  • Falafel sandwich

It wasn’t really awful.  Just deeply flawed.  We decided to go middle eastern, with falafel and hummous.  I started going through my cookbooks and was surprised to find the only one with  falafel was good old Joy of Cooking.  David and I were both doubtful (Joy doesn’t exactly specialize in middle eastern cuisine) but gave it a shot.

David was too busy and I’m much too impatient to follow the standard garbanzo bean cooking method- soaking overnight, and a few hours simmering on the stove. We used my tried and true technique – six hours in a slow cooker with plenty of water.  This always works, giving perfectly cooked, unburnt garbanzo beans.

Once the beans were done, we revisited the recipe and realized that half of the instructions were missing.  A key paragraph was missing, which resulted in a recipe that told us to take uncooked beans, mix them with tahini, and deep fat fry them.  Abandoned to our own devices, we mashed the beans with tahini and other ingredients in the recipe, and proudly made a bunch of little patties.

They were suspiciously sticky, but we forged on and heated up a couple of inches of oil in our cast iron frying pan.  Most of the patties rapidly disintegrated as soon as we placed them in the oil.

Disintegrated falafel

Falafel that survived the frying trauma

We managed to keep enough in pieces large enough to make falafel sandwiches for five people.

It was delicious.  Actually, the scraps weren’t bad either!  We ate them like pretzels.

Hummous    A-

Still life with hummous

There are lots of great hummous recipes out there.  It’s so simple to make, I don’t know why I’m always buying those overpriced little containers at the grocery store.  You basically just mash the garbanzo beans up with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil.  Toss in a little parsley if you want to be fancy.  It’s delicious.  We only got an A- because we had trouble getting it completely smooth – a food processor would do the trick, but since all we had was a potato masher, it was a little lumpy.  However, our hummous consumers said they like it that way.


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